Quarter Scale
Radio Controlled Racing




Super Truck - Sprint Car - Grand National

2003 Quarter Scale race day

- 7:00-10:00am controlled practice session
- 10:00-10:30am sign up and pre race tech inspection (Height, weight, etc.)
- 10:30 drivers meeting. A volunteer race director for each class will be chosen. This will allow me to work on my own car and enjoy the day. Everyone's help will be appreciated.
- 11:00 Racing will start, Gentlemen start your engines!

 Races will be run in the following order;
- Super truck
- Sprint car
- Grand national

 Grand National will run 50 lap heats with 100 lap B-main and a 200 lap A-main. Car counts in Sprint car and Super truck will determine the length of heats and mains.
 Qualifying format will be the same for all classes. The top 4 will qualify for the A-main. The top 2 from the B-main will "bump-up" to the A-main. If a C-main is needed the top 2 will bump up to the B-main. etc, etc.

 The top 3 finishers will be tech inspected after the A-mains. If you are disqualified you will be posted as last place and will receive last place points.

 We will follow all QSAC rules and point structure. You may sign up at the track for a full season or single day. You will receive a QSAC rule book with your paid membership. A QSAC membership is a must for insurance coverage.

 A 16oz fuel tank will be allowed. We do 50 lap red flag fuel stops so tank size is not an advantage. But the added weight may slow you down some!

 If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Chris Cassidy at: